Onion Rings  5.99

Deep fried, sweet and crispy.

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail  7.99

Fried Calamari   6.99

Fresh squid rings, lightly breaded and deep-fried.

Fried Mozzarella Sticks   6.99

Served with marinara sauce.

Chicken Nuggets   5.99

Chicken fingers  6.99

Served with ranch dressing.​

Boneless Buffalo Wings  6.99

Spicy, boneless strips of chicken

Soups and Salads

Soup of the day    Cup 3.99   Bowl 4.99

Seafood  Chowder     Cup 4.99   Bowl 5.99

Our Award Winning Recipe!

Side Salad          4.99       




Our famous pizza is made with homemade dough, our special pizza sauce and freshly ground cheese.

Please allow 30 minutes for our thick crust Italian style pizza.


Cheese    8.00/10.00

Onion      9.00/11.50

Pepper      9.00/11.50

Broccoli      9.00/11.50

Black Olive    9.00/11.50

Sausage     9.00/11.50

Hamburger   9.00/11.50

Pepperoni    9.00/11.50

Mushroom    9.00/11.50

Fresh Tomato     9.00/11.50

Eggplant     9.00/11.50

Spinach      9.00/11.50

Ham      10.00/12.50

Hawaiian     11.00/14.00

Chicken     11.00/14.00

Cheeseburger    11.00/14.00

Kids favorite hamburger, cheese,ketchup, mustard, onions and pickles

Big Mac    13.00/17.00

Fresh ground beef, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on our homemade dough

Our House Special Pizza     13.00/17.00

Hamburger, mushroom, peppers, onions, pepperoni and sausage

Children's Menu

Pasta with sauce         5.99

Spagetti or ziti with sauce.

Chicken Nuggets          5.99

Chicken nuggets with fries

Hamburger                     5.99

Hamburger with fries.

Chicken Fingers             5.99

Chicken tenders with fries.

Seafood, Chicken & Beef Specialties

Queen Cut Prime Rib (10 oz)     21.99

King Prime Rib (14 oz)    24.99

     (Mill Cut no longer offered)

post2 (2).jpg


Chicken Fingers      15.99

Fresh chicken tenderions, hand breaded and deep fried.

Puff Battered Chicken     15.99

Tender chunks of chicken,lightly battered and deep-fried.

Chicken Nuggets      15.99

10 piece chicken nuggets


Fried Calamari      15.99

Fresh squid rings, lightly breaded and deep fried

Baked Stuffed haddock       16.99

Fresh haddock, baked with lobster newburg sauce and topped with our seafood stuffing.

Fried Shrimp       16.99

1/2 lb. of medium shrimp

English Battered Fish and Chips   15.99

Fresh haddock, deep-fried and served with french fries


Italian Favorites

Chicken Parmigiana      15.99

Boneless breast of chicken,lightly breaded and topped with marinara sauce and cheese, served with pasta

Tour of Italy      17.99

Chicken parmigiana, manicotti, meatball and sausage, served with choice of pasta

Baked manicotti       13.99

Manicotti noodles, stuffed with Ricotta & Parmesan Cheese

Pasta with Meatballs or Sausage      14.99

Veal Parmigiana       17.99

Fresh Veal, lightly breaded and topped with marinara sauce and cheese, served with pasta.

Eggplant Parmigiana     14.99

Fresh eggplant from Howe's Farm, lightly breaded and topped with marinara sauce & parmesan cheese served with choice of pasta.